Windshields and Cold Weather

Yes – it’s really cold!

OK … we almost dodged the bullet, but February has finally turned brutally cold. When it comes to your windshields, that means trouble could be brewing. First, the cold weather will not be the reason your windshield cracks, but it will cause the cracks and chips to get worse.

In a rush?

cracked windshieldThere are a lot of reasons that people take short-cuts when clearing off their windshields in the morning. You may be running a bit late, may hate the cold, may not be entirely awake – whatever the reason, most every one of us has at one time or another not properly cleared off our windshields. Bad idea! But how about a worse idea? Pouring warm or even hot water on a windshield to clear it. Sudden temperature change is going to cause any cracks or chips to worsen immediately. So our recommendation is to NEVER do this … unless you really do want to use our services, that is. What’s the best way to clear your icy windshield? Let your car warm up with the defroster on. That will gradually allow the glass to warm, start the melting process of the ice, and make scraping any residual ice easier.

You should be selective when choosing a company to replace your windshield. Save yourself the headache associated with having a poor quality replacement and Contact Strojny Glass where “Your Choice Is Clear”!

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