Windshield Wipers – under appreciated safety device

Windshield Wipers – the most under appreciated auto safety device?

It’s now past the summer downpours and we enter an even more potentially dangerous season. Why? Obstructed views while driving. This obstruction can be due to solar glare because of the angle of the sun to the windshield – or it may be simply because there is more night-time driving – and everyone’s vision is compromised at night. So what is one of the single most significant things you can do to make sure that your vision is as un-obstructed as possible? GET GOOD WINDSHIELD WIPERS INSTALLED! Generally speaking, a good set of windshield wipers will not break the bank, but will most definitely help your vision while driving. How does this help solar glare? Solar glare is only made worse by a dirty windshield. Having a clean windshield (and by the way – make sure you always have enough windshield washing fluid on hand!) will reduce the effects of the glare. It obviously won’t eliminate it, but it could be the difference between seeing that other car, bicycle … pedestrian … in the nick of time! Same deal for night driving … any dirt, debris or water will only make your vision worse – so please – get new wipers for the winter season. Thanks!Obstructed view

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