Windshields and Cold Weather

Yes – it’s really cold!

OK … we almost dodged the bullet, but February has finally turned brutally cold. When it comes to your windshields, that means trouble could be brewing. First, the cold weather will not be the reason your windshield cracks, but it will cause the cracks and chips to get worse.

In a rush?

cracked windshieldThere are a lot of reasons that people take short-cuts when clearing off their windshields in the morning. You may be running a bit late, may hate the cold, may not be entirely awake – whatever the reason, most every one of us has at one time or another not properly cleared off our windshields. Bad idea! But how about a worse idea? Pouring warm or even hot water on a windshield to clear it. Sudden temperature change is going to cause any cracks or chips to worsen immediately. So our recommendation is to NEVER do this … unless you really do want to use our services, that is. What’s the best way to clear your icy windshield? Let your car warm up with the defroster on. That will gradually allow the glass to warm, start the melting process of the ice, and make scraping any residual ice easier.

You should be selective when choosing a company to replace your windshield. Save yourself the headache associated with having a poor quality replacement and Contact Strojny Glass where “Your Choice Is Clear”!

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What to look for when you need your windshield replaced

Don’t fall into this insurance trap!

mouse and mousetrapYou may or may not be aware, but your insurance company is not supposed to direct you to use a specific auto glass company. Several do … so buyer beware. They are not necessarily the best quality companies. It’s better to ask if they have three different sources to contact so you can make the decision – or take it easy on yourself and just call Strojny. ;-)

 Windshield Replacement – a Safety Issue!

Why be choosy? An improperly installed windshield is a safety hazard so it is important to know what to watch for during and after a replacement has been performed on your vehicle.

Without answering the obvious – like you have a leak or have wind noise that sounds like a whistle coming from that gap between your windshield and the body of the car; there are definitely things to look for when an installer is on site and after the installation. Currie Glass announcementOur techs, whether with our Mobile Auto Glass Division (Currie Glass Co.) or our in-house Strojny Auto Glass (BTW – the same experienced techs) – do not take any short cuts and pride themselves on the thoroughness and quality of their work.

So, how do you know if the installation was done correctly?  There are a lot of windshields not being installed correctly everyday – usually by inexperienced small companies or the larger “glass factories” that are measured on speed versus quality. As a matter of fact, we replace several on a monthly basis that were improperly installed by other companies!

Things to look for during and after installation:

pinch weld cleaned Pinch weld area has improperly prepped adhesive or rust – The area on the car where the adhesive is placed is called the “pinch weld”.  The old or original bead will need to be cut through and trimmed; and the surface properly prepared in order for the bond between the new windshield and the vehicle to be safe.  The other thing to note is whether there is rust evident prior to the application of the replacement adhesive. The entire area surrounding the adhesive application area must be completely cleared of foreign matter and rust. If rust is still present, you can rest assured the seal will fail sometime in the future. Rusted areas should be cleared of rust and primed prior to application of the adhesive. Proper prep and priming of the area may add time to the replacement – so be sure the tech cleans and then allows the primer to cure appropriately.

fingerprint2The installer did not wear gloves – It is important that gloves are worn at all time the new glass is being handled.  Any oils from the technician’s hands can be transferred to the glass which may cause the new adhesive bond to fail.  If following industry standard procedures, the tech will use new latex or nitrile gloves whenever (each time) the tech handles the new windshield.


The newly installed windshield is not centered to the opening – There are a number of issues associated with this. For instance, the installation may actually last, but if you have to have a subsequent windshield replacement, it may cause a more difficult removal where the windshield shatters. This happens when the windshield is installed too close to the pinch weld, and there is not sufficient space to cut through the adhesive. And, obviously, the poorly centered windshield may fail due to not being properly seated.

Finally – any other “Form, Fit or Function” issue you may notice – Suffice to say, you replacement windshield should look like the factory installed windshield. Any irregularities that you can see are probably workmanship or glass quality related. They should be noted immediately – the glass company informed (pictures are good!) – and an appropriate agreement hammered out. You should inform your insurance company as soon as any problem is identified.

You should be selective when choosing a company to replace your windshield. As mentioned, we have a lot of experience replacing windshields that were improperly installed by other glass companies. Save yourself the headache associated with having a poor quality replacement and Contact Strojny Glass where “Your Choice Is Clear”!

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Attitude of Gratitude

Have an Attitude of Gratitude

AttitudeIt’s year end again, and to many that means the Holiday Season. Instead of sharing a helpful autoglass or insurance tip, it seems to be appropriate to share an even more helpful idea – always having an attitude of gratitude! For many, this is not an easy season – for others, every day is an equal challenge. I’m not saying approach the world with rose colored glasses … but if you can start everyday with a thought of something you are grateful for … if you can make it a habit to think of something you are grateful for even when that so-and-so cuts you off at the green … if you can end each day remembering something you are grateful for … I guarantee that you will have a more positive outlook on life. We at Strojny have a lot to be grateful for … excellent business relationships that allow us to continue to grow our commercial glass business … dedicated and regular local customers for our in-shop screen and window repair business … and the many, many folks who think of us first when they have an auto glass need. So – as we come to the holiday season, Thank You … Merry Christmas … Happy Hanukkah … Have a wonderful holiday season no matter what you celebrate – but remember to be grateful … We are truly grateful for you!

Windshield Wipers – under appreciated safety device

Windshield Wipers – the most under appreciated auto safety device?

It’s now past the summer downpours and we enter an even more potentially dangerous season. Why? Obstructed views while driving. This obstruction can be due to solar glare because of the angle of the sun to the windshield – or it may be simply because there is more night-time driving – and everyone’s vision is compromised at night. So what is one of the single most significant things you can do to make sure that your vision is as un-obstructed as possible? GET GOOD WINDSHIELD WIPERS INSTALLED! Generally speaking, a good set of windshield wipers will not break the bank, but will most definitely help your vision while driving. How does this help solar glare? Solar glare is only made worse by a dirty windshield. Having a clean windshield (and by the way – make sure you always have enough windshield washing fluid on hand!) will reduce the effects of the glare. It obviously won’t eliminate it, but it could be the difference between seeing that other car, bicycle … pedestrian … in the nick of time! Same deal for night driving … any dirt, debris or water will only make your vision worse – so please – get new wipers for the winter season. Thanks!Obstructed view

Auto Glass Insurance

Auto Glass Insurance

Auto Glass RepairMany of our customers know we offer on-site autoglass replacement services within a 30 mile radius of Taunton (weather permitting). What a lot of folks don’t know is how insurance has changed – and whether or not your autoglass replacement is actually covered. So the good news … if you have comprehensive insurance, your autoglass replacement is covered 100% (*see warning below) as long as the damage meets the insurance requirements. The bad news? With the advent of “discount insurance” companies – many people are not covered for what they think they are. We’ll give some examples below, but we have seen many examples, and our friends in insurance companies have seen time and time again that people who thought they were saving 15% with an apples to apples policy found out the policy was apples to oranges – and rotten oranges at that. Why do we mention this when we’ll get paid anyway? Because we care!

Excerpt from

Since April 1, 2008 Massachusetts has allowed auto insurance companies to set their own rates (though filed and approved by the state) and offer various coverages. So many of the car insurance carriers who have just started doing business in Massachusetts the last few years, such as Geico and Progressive, include a glass deductible, which allows them to give you a cheaper car insurance rate quote.

So contrary to popular belief, the Massachusetts Division of Insurance told us that there is not an actual regulation or law in their Commonwealth that requires the waiving of the glass deductible if you have chosen to have one with your Massachusetts car insurance policy.

In Shop Windshield ReplacementApples to rotten oranges? … If you are someone who just “doesn’t believe in insurance” and you want the cheapest way out, then this information is not for you. If you are a person who values the insurance coverage you have and understands the value of having a local, licensed agent … then read on! There are a number of issues that should be of concern when dealing with discount insurance companies. One little known fact is their sales representatives don’t have to be licensed. Since you are signing up and choosing your coverage “Alla Carte” – they are not considered insurance agents, but advisers. This means that they do not have to be based in Massachusetts and likely do not know the “insurance landscape” of Massachusetts. Since people that are contacting them are typically trying to save as much on their insurance as possible, the end result will often be that they do not get the same coverage they had with the policy written by their agent. This may include getting a “discount” on autoglass replacement by adding a deductible. We know several local agents who simply will not write a policy the same as those written by a discount insurance company because they feel it is not in their customers best interest. “Small” changes to autoglass, under-insured motorist bodily injury coverage, liability and so on can lower your bill – but at what cost when you have a claim? Our bottom line with “discount insurance” companies is buyer beware. If you are fully informed and choose to have less coverage, then that’s OK. We just know there have been many instances where someone placed a claim but didn’t get what they thought they were due because “they didn’t know”.

(*Warning – verify this with your agent. There are deductibles that can be “purchased” for autoglass replacement. This may lower your insurance bill a little – but could cost a lot more than you save should you encounter a broken windshield.)