Auto Glass Insurance

Auto Glass Insurance

Auto Glass RepairMany of our customers know we offer on-site autoglass replacement services within a 30 mile radius of Taunton (weather permitting). What a lot of folks don’t know is how insurance has changed – and whether or not your autoglass replacement is actually covered. So the good news … if you have comprehensive insurance, your autoglass replacement is covered 100% (*see warning below) as long as the damage meets the insurance requirements. The bad news? With the advent of “discount insurance” companies – many people are not covered for what they think they are. We’ll give some examples below, but we have seen many examples, and our friends in insurance companies have seen time and time again that people who thought they were saving 15% with an apples to apples policy found out the policy was apples to oranges – and rotten oranges at that. Why do we mention this when we’ll get paid anyway? Because we care!

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Since April 1, 2008 Massachusetts has allowed auto insurance companies to set their own rates (though filed and approved by the state) and offer various coverages. So many of the car insurance carriers who have just started doing business in Massachusetts the last few years, such as Geico and Progressive, include a glass deductible, which allows them to give you a cheaper car insurance rate quote.

So contrary to popular belief, the Massachusetts Division of Insurance told us that there is not an actual regulation or law in their Commonwealth that requires the waiving of the glass deductible if you have chosen to have one with your Massachusetts car insurance policy.

In Shop Windshield ReplacementApples to rotten oranges? … If you are someone who just “doesn’t believe in insurance” and you want the cheapest way out, then this information is not for you. If you are a person who values the insurance coverage you have and understands the value of having a local, licensed agent … then read on! There are a number of issues that should be of concern when dealing with discount insurance companies. One little known fact is their sales representatives don’t have to be licensed. Since you are signing up and choosing your coverage “Alla Carte” – they are not considered insurance agents, but advisers. This means that they do not have to be based in Massachusetts and likely do not know the “insurance landscape” of Massachusetts. Since people that are contacting them are typically trying to save as much on their insurance as possible, the end result will often be that they do not get the same coverage they had with the policy written by their agent. This may include getting a “discount” on autoglass replacement by adding a deductible. We know several local agents who simply will not write a policy the same as those written by a discount insurance company because they feel it is not in their customers best interest. “Small” changes to autoglass, under-insured motorist bodily injury coverage, liability and so on can lower your bill – but at what cost when you have a claim? Our bottom line with “discount insurance” companies is buyer beware. If you are fully informed and choose to have less coverage, then that’s OK. We just know there have been many instances where someone placed a claim but didn’t get what they thought they were due because “they didn’t know”.

(*Warning – verify this with your agent. There are deductibles that can be “purchased” for autoglass replacement. This may lower your insurance bill a little – but could cost a lot more than you save should you encounter a broken windshield.)

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