Attitude of Gratitude

Have an Attitude of Gratitude

AttitudeIt’s year end again, and to many that means the Holiday Season. Instead of sharing a helpful autoglass or insurance tip, it seems to be appropriate to share an even more helpful idea – always having an attitude of gratitude! For many, this is not an easy season – for others, every day is an equal challenge. I’m not saying approach the world with rose colored glasses … but if you can start everyday with a thought of something you are grateful for … if you can make it a habit to think of something you are grateful for even when that so-and-so cuts you off at the green … if you can end each day remembering something you are grateful for … I guarantee that you will have a more positive outlook on life. We at Strojny have a lot to be grateful for … excellent business relationships that allow us to continue to grow our commercial glass business … dedicated and regular local customers for our in-shop screen and window repair business … and the many, many folks who think of us first when they have an auto glass need. So – as we come to the holiday season, Thank You … Merry Christmas … Happy Hanukkah … Have a wonderful holiday season no matter what you celebrate – but remember to be grateful … We are truly grateful for you!

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